Whole Olives

Olives aux naturel with the stone in

La Masrojana Arbequina Olives

Small olives that are packed with flavour. These little olives are direct from the producer in Spain and come in brine, packed in glass jars. Ready to serve or to marinate yourself. d/w 2.5kg

Pack Size 4.5 kg
Pack Price £11.50
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Sicilian Nocellara Olives in brine - bucket

Very popular at the moment and even enjoyed by those who don't normally like olives! Bright green, buttery and fleshy olives, in brine and ready to eat. Excellent value! d/w 3kg

Pack Size 5 kg
Pack Price £16.50
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Whole Ex Jumbo Kalamata Olives in brine - Jar

These are excellent quality kalamata olive. Sold with the stone in, as preferred by true olive fans. They are in brine in easy to use jars and can be served as they are or marinated by you. d/w 1.8kg

Pack Size 2.9 kg
Pack Price £13.50
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