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Welcome to GR Fine Foods

Welcome to GR Fine Foods, we hope that you enjoy browsing through our amazing selection of food and drink products for both food service and retail channels.

We are Chris and Malan and we became the fifth proprietors of GR Fine Foods in December 2019. For Chris this was a return to England after many years overseas. "My overseas career was divided roughly into two halves. The first half was in light engineering, designing and building printer mechanisms, starting in an old gun factory in Hong Kong and later moving over the Chinese border to the modern metropolis of Shenzhen. The second half started with the planting of 2,000 olive trees in Western Australia, irrigated using only solar and wind power. I really got into the science and practices of olive growing and ended up as VP of the national body, the Australian Olive Association."

Moving back to China, Chris set up a company to sell Australian horticultural products into China and at the same time got together with Malan who was working for Bose, the American sound systems company. Three daughters later, we decided to move to England where we acquired GR Fine Foods in lovely Devon.

GR Fine Foods has a great heritage and we are proud to take it over. We would like to bring new products into the business, especially from Australia; and we would like to expand the current range to continuously delight our customers.

We both love great food and we believe that healthy nutritious food is the key to both wellbeing and happiness. It’s also great to be selling olives, olive oil and other Mediterranean foods which are so important in keeping everything properly ticking along.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to this website and if there is anything you can’t find, or if you have any advice or requests, please just pick up the phone and speak to us on 01548 559177. We value your opinions, your support and your business!

Chris and Malan